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Art for Uncertain Times: The Next Generation

As a young LDS artist, your work matters. Your talents inspire those around you, even in times of uncertainty such as these ones. What message will you share with friends and family, near and far, that helps them understand your experience in this moment. Is it a message of hope and encouragement? Or is it one of discouragement and loss? Your voice matters;  The Center for Latter-day Saint Arts encourages you to create a piece of art that shares how the pandemic of COVID-19 and the fight against the pandemic of racism have affected you. All entries will be recognized and published by the Center. Twenty-five of the entries will be awarded an Entry of Merit and receive $25.

The Center for Latter-day Saint Arts is a group of people who care about encouraging Latter-day Saint artists to create all types of art. We know that you are a future artist and hope this will motivate you to continue pursuing your artistic talents.

Important Dates:

  • July 13th: Submissions Due
  • September 1st: Announcement of all Awards of Merit

Create one original work of art in the following disciplines:

  1. Visual Art
  2. Literature (poem, short story, essay)
  3. Dance Choreography
  4. Musical Composition / Song Writing
  5. Film Production
  6. Photography

Age Level:
Submit artwork based on the following age levels:

  1. Elementary (ages 4-9); Questions directed to Allyson Chard:
  2. Intermediate (ages 10-14); Questions directed to: Colleen Wiest:
  3. High School (ages 15-18); Questions directed to: Deanna Pilling:


  • All work must be sent in a digital format. You continue to own all rights to your work, but your submission allows the Center of Latter-day Saint Arts to publish your submission on it's online platforms. You will need to scan or take a high-quality photo of your entry.
    • Visual Art and Literatures entries: Must be submitted in BOTH a PDF format AND either word /page /google document. Entries not in this format will be disqualified.
    • Literature submissions should have a maximum of 1000 words per entry.
    • Film and Dance Choreography entries: Must be submitted in mp4 or .movefiles. Entries not in this format will be disqualified. Entries must be five minutes or less.
    • Musical composition: Original score must be scanned and submitted in a PDF format OR mp4, WAV or .movefiles. Entries must be five minutes or less. Entries not in this format will be disqualified.
  • All submissions must be the original work of the artist.
  • Entrants may only submit one artwork total.
  • All artwork received will be adjudicated to determine awards.

Merit Awards will be determined by the following criteria:

  1. Interpretation of the theme: Does the work communicate feelings about this moment of time?
  2. Emotion of the piece: Does the work reflect the heart of the artists?
  3. Creativity: Does the work have unique artistic elements?

User Entry Process Tutorial